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Successful treatment with the X-Trac: A gelding with bladder stone

Wallach Blasenstein entfernenBladder stones are a common disorder for horses. In this case, it was a 21-year-old Warmblood gelding, who repeatedly had blood in his urine. A urine examination found that both white and red blood cells were increased. By carrying out a cystoscopy a 50 mm large bladder stone was found. The mucosa of the bladder was inflamed around the stone and also degenerated, as you can see on the video.

In case of a bladder stone, there is the risk that the stone could move to the urethra unintentionally and there closes the complete urethra. Then the horse can extract no more urine and there will be great pain with colic symptoms.

In this case the recommended therapy is surgical laparotomy (opening the abdomen) and then an opening of the bladder and removal of bladder stone in question. This procedure should be performed under general anesthesia and the horse must have at least 6 weeks box rest afterwards.

The alternative is a lithotripsy. Attention is paid to an endoscope which will be inserted into the bladder and through the working channel of a probe is inserted with the shock waves on the stone are exercised. With this shock wave the stone will be crushed and the pieces may be flushed or larger pieces can be removed carefully with the X-Trac. The X-Trac minimizes injury to the bladder / mucosa by the sharp-edged stones.

In this treatment, everything went according to plan and the stone had been smashed, after crushing it there were small stones and a larger, 30 mm, which were removed with the X-Trac from the bladder.

Treatment with the X-Trac was uneventful and the horse was saved from a painful and expensive surgery.

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