Video: Polyp removal with perforated X-­Trac L

The new series of instruments by Carmonja®

The new perforated X­-Trac L with the sling sizes of Ø 25mm and 35mm is the new ideal alternative for residue-free and easy removal of any type of polyp or tissue in the gastrointestinal tract. The extraction catheter X­-Trac, is field duty proven for the removal of foreign bodies of any kind, and is now also available with a perforated bag, specially designed for colon polyps – and tissue removal.

The perforations allow the complete exit of tissue fluid and thus the precise capturing of the tissue or intestinal polyps. It can also take several tissue-pieces with one action. The plastic foil of the extraction bag gives the operator a quick and easy extraction of the removed tissue for histology by simply turning the instrument.

The composition of the X­-Trac L extraction catheter, is directed so that even after repeated removal a perfect unfolding of the bag is still secured.

The  advantages:

  • no snagging of the tissue in the bag – easy transport to the histologic container
  • Entrainment of several polyps, or tissue pieces
  • perfect sliding of the extraction sling even after repeated opening / closing
  • perfect unfolding after repeated opening / closing
  • sterile

More Information can be found on the Olympus Website.

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