Video: semi-hexagonal Polypectomy sling, cold

The newest colonoscopy-product by Carmonja®: With this innovative product you can easily erode polyps the cold way. The Carmonja® GmbH presents the perfect semi-hexagonal polypectomy sling for cold ablations. The cold sling is particularly suitable for mucosal erosions in the colonoscopy medical field, as well as to avoid perforations if strong epithelia are occuring, this sling […]


Video: Polyp removal with perforated X-­Trac L

The new series of instruments by Carmonja® The new perforated X­-Trac L with the sling sizes of Ø 25mm and 35mm is the new ideal alternative for residue-free and easy removal of any type of polyp or tissue in the gastrointestinal tract. The extraction catheter X­-Trac, is field duty proven for the removal of foreign […]

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